WinnMail is Winn Technology Group's proprietary email marketing tool designed to boost the productivity of demand generation campaigns. WinnMail allows us to conduct an email marketing campaign to a list of your prospects and provide high–level reporting that includes:

  • Open rates

  • Click-through rates

  • Opt-out tracking

  • Soft and hard bounces

WinnMail is an integrated piece of our Demand Center automation platform, and all response data is tracked in real-time and is populated in the project dashboard automatically for immediate follow-up. 

Most importantly, integrating WinnMail into any Demand Generation campaign is the best way to optimize your marketing budget. We can augment email activity with landing pages and microsites to enhance the experience, and provide initial qualification as well as post-click follow up. The best success can be derived from integrating email communications with our outbound activity, to enhance the relationship development and move prospects along the sales pipeline.

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