Buyers self educate using search, emails, blogs, videos, social media and more for the buying process. Winn uses these channels to nurture your leads.

Lead nurturing keeps your company’s solutions in front of prospects until they're ready to buy. Only 5 percent of qualified leads result in an immediate sale, while the other 95 percent of leads are left in the pipeline and need regular, relevant attention to close.

Varying stages of the buyer journey require delivering automated, customized content for a unique nurturing experience.

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Lead Nurturing Tactics:

  • Email Workflows - These workflows create a drip effect for your sales funnel, enabling your marketing team to focus on content that will drive these prospects towards conversion.
  • Teleprospecting Campaigns – There is no substitute for the live touch and periodically reaching out to prospects will keep your company at the top of their minds.
  • Social Media Connections – Social media has changed the way we communicate with prospects.  Targeted prospects can be reached out to on their preferred platforms and nurtured through conversation and relevant content. 

What If I Have A Project In Mind?

If you have a project in mind you can schedule a time to talk to a Winn Technology Group team member! We do a wide variety of work to help reach your business growth goals.

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