Technology marketers today find themselves in a real bind. Their budgets have been slashed but they are still under enormous pressure to produce qualified leads for sales.

While many marketers have increased their use of email as an inexpensive marketing tool, the abundance of electronic communications received by prospects each day is diminishing the effectiveness of this once unique tool. Companies are employing more sophisticated spam filters to reduce or prevent many emails from reaching their targets altogether.

A new marketing automation technology incorporated into the Winn Demand Center, Winn Accelerated Messaging (WAM)™, allows marketers to reach out to twice as many prospects as in traditional outbound campaigns, doubling the value of their marketing dollars.

WAM™ combines the best of voice mail marketing with outbound B2B calling. Winn’s Relationship Managers navigate each recorded message through the intricacies of complex business phone systems. They speak with receptionists and gatekeepers and get directed to the appropriate voice mail box, where the custom message is delivered accurately and efficiently.

Unlike other guided voice mail systems, Winn’s Relationship Managers have extensive experience marketing technology products and services and they are thoroughly trained on the product or service that is the subject of the voice mail.  When they reach a contact live (15% to 20% of calls), they will not disconnect but professionally convey the purpose of the call as they would in any outbound campaign.   A well-crafted, well-delivered voice mail is a powerful tool to introduce your company’s solution and brand to prospects.

Winn Accelerated Messaging is particularly effective for:

  • Event invitations and/or confirmation calls,

  • Follow–up to direct mail or email campaigns,

  • Lead qualification and lead nurturing,

  • Pricing or promotion updates, and

  • Pre–campaign touch prior to direct mail or email.

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