Whether it’s a live call or digital chat, today’s audience demands an immediate response.

Never let your leads get cold. Research has shown that responding to an online query within one hour of receipt gives businesses the extra advantage.

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Inbound Response Management

Multi channel Response management has changed over the years. It can mean answering incoming calls, it can also mean providing valuable content to exactly where your target audience is located. (via web, blog…) Inbound response management is a critical customer service component to support current customers and nurture prospects. Providing consistent, high quality support for inbound inquiries, Winn offers clients multiple media for inbound response management. Services are available individually or in customized bundles based on each client’s specific needs.

Product Support

Winn offers inbound call center product support services via inbound calls and emails. We provide the initial support level to respond to customer issues, to gather the customer’s information, and to resolve their problem. This is a service that provides your clients with that warm fuzzy feeling that even if they have a somewhat “silly” question – they can reach a live person that will solve their issue.

What If I Have A Project In Mind?

If you have a project in mind you can schedule a time to talk to a Winn Technology Group team member! We do a wide variety of work to help reach your business growth goals.

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