Who we are, and what we do...

Winn Technology Group is a leading provider of global integrated marketing solutions. Working exclusively with the technology industry since 1990, Winn has partnered with hundreds of leading firms to develop and execute successful B2B marketing campaigns, conducting thousands of initiatives to:

  • Deliver qualified leads and appointments,

  • Identify, nurture, and qualify actionable sales opportunities,

  • Build and support channel marketing programs,

  • Recruit attendees for live and online marketing events,

  • Develop, cleanse and verify marketing databases,

  • Support inbound marketing initiatives, and

  • Collect and analyze valuable business intelligence.

Our teams communicate daily with IT, line of business, and executive level contacts responsible for making and influencing technology purchasing decisions. We accomplish this through multi-touch, integrated marketing campaigns that leverage outbound calling, inbound marketing, marketing automation, and social media — with buyers that could be your customers.


Quite simply, Winn Technology Group delivers higher quality leads than the competition — leads that result in bigger sales pipelines, increased revenues, and better ROI.  Our event efforts result in increased registration and attendance rates.  Our integrated approach has proven itself with great results.

Human Capital

Winn’s executive management brings over a 100 years combined experience exclusively marketing technology products and services.  Our Program Management team has an average tenure of 10-years at Winn.  This longevity provides our clients with a significant knowledge base with experience running hundreds of technology related demand generation campaigns.  These knowledge assets enable our Program Management team to consult with our clients on innovative practices that help drive success.

Just as importantly, we maintain an outstanding record of general employee longevity with a turnover rate of less than 13% per year.  The average tenure of our Demand Generation Specialists is nearly 4.5 years. The atmosphere and culture created by our CEO and reinforced by our management ensures that we obtain and retain excellent, long-term employees.

Client Longevity

While we are happy to accommodate clients who only need a short–term 'one–off' campaign, our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and continually prove our value through results. We would like you to view us as an extension of your marketing group, as most of our clients already do.


Plans change. It's a cold hard fact of marketing technology products and services.  Winn clients appreciate the fact that they can make changes to their campaign relatively painlessly when new directives are received from corporate mid-stream.  Winn monitors campaign feedback daily and consultatively recommends enhancements or subtle changes in campaign execution to improve campaign outcomes.

Data & Analytics

Winn Technology Group has been preaching the importance of quality data longer than most of our competitors have been in business. We have built our own proprietary database from the ground up because we have seen too many times what happens to a marketing campaign that uses incorrect data — namely, returned mail, unproductive dials, and wasted marketing dollars. In addition to our own database, we maintain partner relationships with a select group of companies that can augment Winn or client data with outstanding quality lists.

We provide data analytics services to help clients identify campaign and market trends, target 'sweet spots,' and to provide recommendations that ensure the success of a program based on our in–depth analysis.

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