As a major component of the Winn Demand Center automation tool, every client has 24/7 access to their campaign’s progress and results through Winn Analytics.  Winn Analytics is our proprietary online reporting site embedded with every demand generation campaign.  

This custom SaaS tool receives real-time information from Winn’s Demand Center portal and converts it into insightful reporting that can be viewed online or downloaded for future use.  With Winn Analytics, clients can access:

  • Detailed lead and/or registration profiles containing conversation notes, responses to questionnaires, business intelligence, and historic activity;

  • Side-by-side reporting by Global Alliance Partner, audience, list source, or other differentiator;

  • Status disposition reports by contact and account;

  • Number of touches via email and telephone;

  • Lead and/or Registration rates;

  • Presentation rates; and

  • Real-time reporting on resources allocated, used, and remaining.

In addition, Winn Analytics utilizes a role-based user hierarchy, which gives strategic users a holistic view of campaigns and projects while also ensuring that only applicable information is shown to Channel Partners, Sales teams, and operational team members.

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