Winn Technology Group has provided B2B, global demand creation solutions  since 1990.

The goal of outsourcing demand creation campaigns is to minimize or eliminate using your sales team to conduct cold calling. That means they can spend their valuable time making presentations, closing sales, and, ultimately, driving corporate growth.


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Appointment Setting

Winn takes a unique approach to appointment setting. Our methods have been proven to provide a much greater value to our clients, recognizing substantially stronger ROI and long-term opportunity.

We can schedule face-to-face meetings, scheduled conference calls, or online meetings and product demonstrations for your team with real-time delivery of appointments, hot transfers, automated calendar integration, or CRM/SFA integration, whichever delivery method is the most effective for our clients.

Lead Generation

Every day, our teams are involved in teleprospecting outreach combined with email, marketing automation, and social media, to generate actionable leads on behalf of our clients.

Our programs are designed to identify both immediate, short-term sales opportunities, as well as pipeline leads for ongoing cultivation and nurturing. This farsighted approach ensures that your sales team meets and exceeds quotas not only for this quarter, but for quarters to come.

Lead Qualification

Winn's sales lead qualification process will take your initial contacts, qualify them, gather critical business intelligence, and deliver sales opportunities based on client-defined criteria, allowing your sales team to spend their time more effectively closing sales.  Warm leads could come from initiatives such as:

  • website hits
  • white paper downloads
  • live or webinar event registration and attendance
  • trade shows
  • direct mail response
  • marketing automation and inbound campaigns

Market Research

Winn Technology Group offers a variety of primary market research campaigns, both domestically and globally, to complement our other core marketing services.  We conduct primary market research to help our clients:

  • Profile market trends
  • Strengthen interactions with customers
  • Time the launch of a new product or service
  • Optimize products features and/or service options
  • Gain competitive insight

Winn Technology Group’s primary market research programs are fully customized for each client. We excel at both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and at survey design for telemarketing research.  Winn offers:

  • Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Win / Loss Analysis
  • Market Sizing and Segmentation
  • Product Launch Studies
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Market Validation

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