We know the value of high quality marketing data. It helps to avoid returned mail, unproductive dials, undeliverable emails and wasted marketing dollars. It can be the foundation of a campaign's sucess!

We maximize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by improving the accuracy of data up front and developing the right target audience with high-quality markting inteligence, contact information, including email data. All of this is directed at the maximizing the return on your marketing investment and achieving optimal results.

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Data Analytics and Modeling

Winn’s ability to analyze, model, and segment data, represents invaluable expertise that can make or break a marketing initiative. We don’t just think of this as a post-program initiative. It’s ingrained throughout every campaign we undertake — from start to finish.

Throughout every campaign, Winn continually analyzes the data, messaging, and results, providing an ongoing process to identify changes or redirection that ultimately lead to more successful programs.

Front-end analysis and modeling translates to results that can be used to identify and create critical business intelligence, develop appropriate messaging and targeting, and ultimately, articulate the value proposition of products/services.

Back-end analysis and modeling provides our clients with a clear view of the campaign results, gleaning valuable information that can help evaluate targeting, messaging, solution receptiveness, data quality, brand awareness and key competitive intelligence.

Corporate Profiling

Corporate profiling is ideal for supporting target national account programs or helping to penetrate larger, more difficult accounts. Winn navigates through each parent organization gathering contacts and business intelligence specific to each client’s need.

We will develop a comprehensive profile of the companies that you’re looking to penetrate that may include:

  • Divisions, subsidiaries, and business units
  • Decision-makers and key influencers
  • Current technologies in use
  • Organizational structure
  • Key business intelligence

On completion of a profiling campaign, you receive the verified data and a visual representation of the corporate structure.

Prospect Development

Whether for demand generation, event promotion, lead nurturing programs, or simply a database build and cleansing program, few marketing efforts effect sales success as much as prospect database development.

We have some of the strongest resources to provide our clients with the high-quality marketing data that helps achieve successful campaign results.

Our proprietary database is composed of more than 300,000 contacts from more than 80,000 key business entities spanning mid-market and enterprise companies. Our coverage focuses on cross-industry companies with 50 percent IT-related contacts and 50 percent Line of Business and senior executive contacts. Winn also supports targeted databases including Value-Added Resellers (VARs), IT Security, Salesforce.com and Medical Technology.

We partner with several outstanding, high-quality data sources that include DiscoverOrg, USData Corporation, AccuData, and D&B to ensure that we can help our clients with data they need to make their campaigns more successful. Additionally, we maintain access to a reference email database of over 700,000 target IT titles.

We also work with our clients’ data and can supplement from our resources for prospect database developemnt. 

Regardless of the data source, we cleanse, verify and standardize data on every campaign and deliver the updated results to you.

What If I Have A Project In Mind?

If you have a project in mind you can schedule a time to talk to a Winn Technology Group team member! We do a wide variety of work to help reach your business growth goals.

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