The Demand Center is the structural foundation for the channel and direct sales marketing services we offer, providing detailed campaign metrics most marketers only dream about.

To simplify implementation of channel campaigns, Winn has developed an easy-to-use, customizable interface that streamlines the setup process and provides the corporate channel partner managers with complete control over the structure and functioning of channel partner offerings.

Our Demand Center platform seamlessly manages pre-defined demand generation campaigns with closed-loop, hierarchical reporting and monitoring capabilities. The Project Request Form allows partners to initiate the campaign start-up process in five simple steps.

Once a partner campaign has been launched, the corporate channel manager has the ability to monitor the lead development for each partner as well as each partner’s follow-up activity. 

Corporate channel managers access the Demand Center portal via a secure password.  They can view each individual partner campaign as well as roll-up reports covering all their partner campaigns in progress. All reporting is available 24/7.

Reporting can also include regional views and may be accessed by any hierarchy determined by the channel manager. Individual channel partners or direct sales managers have access only to their own campaigns.

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