landing pages and micrositesAs part of Winn’s response management portfolio, we design and maintain web landing pages and microsites for our corporate clients and their channel partners. These pages are created for your customers and prospects to respond to specific calls-to-action from your marketing campaigns. 

Calls-to-action may include:

  • Encouraging a customer or prospect to register for an event or take advantage of a free offer,
  • Profiling and qualifying a site visitor in order to develop more targeted follow-up materials,
  • Explaining your value proposition and to differentiate you from other sites the prospect may visit in the buying process,
  • Notifying customers and prospects about a new product launch or product updates,
  • Gathering contact details for follow-up such as a phone number or email address for traditional one-on-one marketing efforts.

Landing pages and microsites are customized for each client to provide a “pleasant” experience for each visitor. Different types of landing pages and microsites are recommended depending on the campaign objectives, timeframe (i.e., short-term versus long-term), and the amount of content that the client wishes to present.

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