If you need assistance responding to general inquiries from customers and prospects that result from outbound marketing initiatives, Winn can help. Before you begin your marketing campaign, whether it’s a series of events or a product update, for example, Winn will provide you with a toll-free number that can be utilized in your marketing materials and even on your web site. 

Then, when your customers and/or prospects respond, they will call Winn’s toll-free number (answered with your company name) and speak to one of the members of our professional inbound team. Winn provides its clients with inbound telemarketing solutions for both the US and Canada. 

Inbound telemarketing is also combined with outbound lead management, lead nurturing, lead qualification, and event marketing programs at no additional cost to our clients. Winn establishes a dedicated toll-free number for each client campaign. Leveraging our ACD technology, return calls from prospects are automatically directed to the outbound Relationship Managers assigned to the client program for immediate response.

If all the Relationship Managers assigned to a particular campaign are on the phone at the time of a return call, the prospect will be transferred to Winn’s inbound telemarketing operators and the inbound number will be answered with the company name as directed by the client. Our inbound operators are trained on the goals of each outbound campaign and have access to the client data to assist the caller in a friendly and efficient manner.

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