Primary Market ResearchKnowledge is truly a differentiator in business success. Primary market research provides the solid facts and penetrating insights that distinguish between intuitive actions and informed decision-making.

Winn Technology Group offers a variety of primary market research campaigns, both domestically and globally, to complement our other core marketing services.  We conduct primary market research to help our Clients:

  • Profile market trends
  • Strengthen interactions with customers
  • Time the launch of a new product or service
  • Optimize products features and/or service options
  • Gain competitive insight

Winn Technology Group’s primary market research programs are fully customized for each client. We excel at both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and at survey design for telemarketing research.  Winn offers:

  • Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Win / Loss Analysis
  • Market Sizing and Segmentation
  • Product Launch Studies
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Market Validation

From survey design, to data collection, to analysis and reporting of the results; talk to Winn about how we can help.

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Winn Technology Group and Wavelength Market Analytics jointly conducted a study on cloud computing trends within medium and large companies in the US to better understand migration trends and challenges facing organizations in 2011.

Winn developed the research instrument and conducted quantitative phone interviews with over 125 enterpise organizations supplemented with qualitative interviews with senior IT decision-makers including CIO’s, CTO’s, CSO’s, IS and IT directors, network engineering and network architect contacts.

Five Key Themes in Enterprise Cloud Computing discussed the changing cloud market from a broad perspective.  It examined penetration of different services deployment models, drivers that encouraged adoption, concerns that limited it, enterprise preparation for cloud deployment, and the role of the channel in enterprise IT cloud computing purchases.

Wavelength Market Analytics analyzed the data collected by Winn.  The research revealed that 58% of medium and large enterprises were already using or planning to use the cloud.  About 41% of that market is comprised of “Cloud Pioneers,” those enterprises that actively used or piloted some type of cloud solution.  Another 17%, called “Cloud Planners,” were planning to implement a cloud solution in the near future.

Key findings from the Winn/Wavelength report included the following.

  • Only 34% of Pioneers say their could deployment was faster than client-server, 29% met their ROI goals, but almost 50% were satisfied with their cloud solutions pointing to a bullish future for cloud.
  • Pioneers and Planners will increasely use the cloud for mission-critical applications and functions such as supply chain, Tier 1 storage, and unified communications.
  • Concerns that limit cloud adoption vary significantly by segment.  Cloud Pioneers worries most about network delays; Planners worried about solutions management, such as remediation tools, integration with existing IT resources, reporting, and management tools.

While Planners involved more technology partners than Pioneers in their cloud solutions – software vendors, consultants and system integrators were the most frequently in the mix.  29% of the Pioneers say software vendors are the most important, while 48% of Planners said system integrators were the most important.  Telco services providers were the least important to both groups.