Sales Lead Qualification, teleprospectingSo a prospect showed some interest in your solutions.  Are they really a potential sales lead opportunity or just a tire-kicker?  Was it a student or a competitor doing research or maybe a CIO that has budget and a need to implement your type of solution in the next three months?

Winn's sales lead qualification process will take your initial contacts, qualify them, gather critical business intelligence, and deliver sales opportunities based on client-defined criteria, allowing your sales team to spend their time more effectively closing sales.  Warm leads could come from initiatives such as:

  • website hits
  • white paper downloads
  • live or webinar event registration and attendance
  • trade shows
  • direct mail response
  • marketing automation and inbound campaigns

Winn will work with you through the sales lead qualification process to maintain and track each prospect, ensuring that coding identifies multiple sources of interest and eliminates duplication of B2B leads.  We will capture the key information you need to cultivate and nurture those prospects or Winn can nurture them for you.  Winn will also provide you with cleansed and normalized data for your use in future marketing activities in addition to the qualified opportunities.

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A virtualization leader engaged Winn to qualify 9,380 leads developed from a multi-city event promotion program.  The client only wished to receive leads that were ready to purchase within 6 months (actionable leads).  All other leads (non-actionable) were retained by Winn for lead nurturing. 

During the initial lead qualification stage, Winn identified 470 actionable leads that indicated they were ready to purchase within 6 months.  Those qualified leads were delivered to the client on a daily basis.  The 470 A and B leads represent a 5% conversion rate.

A total of 716 prospects were included in the lead nurturing phase.  Of those prospects, 70 were converted to actionable lead status within a 4-month time period.  The 70 leads that migrated to actionable status represent a 10% conversion rate.