Sales Lead Generation Services, TeleprospectingB2B sales-lead generation is a core service in Winn Technology Group's business. Every day, our teams are involved in teleprospecting outreach combined with email, marketing automation, and social media, to generate actionable leads on behalf of our clients. 

We bring a solid level of experience in nearly every sector of technology — enterprise software, security, storage, virtualization, servers, telecommunications, medical technology, business intelligence, wireless, and many others.

Winn's B2B sales-lead generation programs are designed to identify both immediate, short-term sales opportunities, as well as pipeline leads for ongoing cultivation and nurturing. This farsighted approach ensures that your sales team meets and exceeds quotas not only for this quarter, but for quarters to come.

There’s nothing that can effectively replace a live conversation with the right person at the right time to build a relationship with a potential buyer.

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Our client is an award-winning IT solution provider specializing in service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions for businesses in the health care, financial services, travel and transportation, and telecommunications industries. Winn conducted a 3-month campaign that included database development, sales lead generation, and lead nurturing services.  Target contacts were Director/Manager IT, Director/Manager Technical Services, Director/Manager Enterprise Architecture, Director/Manager Application Development, Chief Architect at companies with $100 Million and greater in revenue in the financial services, healthcare payers, transportation, and telecom verticals.  Winn’s responsibilities included:

  • qualifying and identifying sales leads as either actionable leads (A or B) or leads that required cultivation (C and D);
  • scheduling conference calls (actionable leads) for the sales team;
  • nurturing pipeline leads.

Winn delivered 29 highly qualified leads, 23 of which were classified by the client as “A” leads.  An “A” lead was defined as a scheduled conference call with the correct decision-maker who was interested in purchasing a solution within 6 months.