appointment setting, lead generationAppointment setting can be one of the most challenging activities for your sales team, especially when they are juggling their schedules between numerous other high-priority activities. That’s why clients engage Winn Technology Group for B2B lead generation, appointment setting campaigns — so their sales team can focus their time doing what they do best — closing business.

Winn takes a unique approach to appointment setting. Our methods have been proven to provide a much greater value to our clients, recognizing substantially stronger ROI and long-term opportunity.

Winn takes the long–term view, delivering not only qualified, blended appointments, but we’ll also make sure you receive all qualified opportunities and nurturing leads whether they are a month away or a year out.

We can schedule face-to-face meetings, scheduled conference calls, or online meetings and product demonstrations for your team with real-time delivery of appointments, hot transfers, automated calendar integration, or CRM/SFA integration, whichever delivery method is the most effective for our clients.

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A leading provider of online business optimization software engaged Winn for an appointment-setting campaign for two specific product lines.  The client provided the contact database and the data also identified the specific product(s) each prospect was interested in and the source of each prospect’s interest.

An appointment was defined as a web meeting or a scheduled conference call (day, date, and time).  The client provided access to their Sales Reps’ calendars (15 to 20 Sales Reps segmented by product type and geography) so that each appointment was confirmed and added to the appropriate Sales Rep and the prospect’s calendar immediately.

Winn worked with the client and their sales team to ensure that appointments were confirmed or rescheduled as needed.

This campaign was conducted over a 6-month period and 53 highly qualified appointments were delivered to the client, 48 nurturing leads were developed for a total of 101 leads, and Winn also identified 125 follow-ups. 

As a result of this campaign, the client reported that they have over $1.4 Million in revenue in the pipeline which will yield an ROI of 35 times the cost of the campaign.