Global Demand Creation SolutionsWinn Technology Group has provided B2B, global demand creation solutions exclusively for the technology community for more than 23 years. 

The goal of outsourcing demand creation campaigns is to minimize or eliminate using your sales team to conduct cold calling. That means they can spend their valuable time making presentations, closing sales, and, ultimately, driving corporate growth. Winn’s global demand creation solutions include:

Creating demand begins with knowing your prospect universe and the most effective ways to develop, enhance, and learn from this universe. Next comes the deployment of marketing campaigns via multiple-channels (both digital and live), integrating the intelligence gained from all of these channels – and, finally, effectively tracking the opportunities created to closure.

Winn’s end-to-end global demand creation solutions include database solutions, digital marketing, teleprospecting, and closed-loop opportunity management from Winn’s proprietary technology platform, the Winn Demand Center. Through Winn’s Global Demand Center Alliance, with offices in the UK, Australia, and Nicaragua, we provide regionally or globally-consistent deliverables for our technology clients.

It begins with data, the prospect’s universe, and focuses on data modeling and analytics, data cleansing, contact discovery, and corporate profiling to create the highest quality data as the foundation for demand creation. Quality, targeted data has a direct impact on the effectiveness of digital marketing components as well as the “live” touch for teleprospecting and telesales.

Multi-channel marketing strategies employed by Winn in the digital marketing component include marketing automation, inbound marketing, content management, social media augmentation for both direct and channel sales, and SEM/SEO management. In turn, these digital marketing strategies overlap and integrate with the ”live” touch.

The “live” touch aspects of multi-channel strategies focus on teleprospecting, telesales, response management services, and managed services. Lead qualification of AQLs, as well as leads from other sources,is conducted by Winn either in our own platform or through the client’s SFA/CRM system. Our solutions blend the effectiveness of both digital marketing efforts and the “live” touch.

When sales-ready opportunities are qualified, Winn’s proprietary automation platform, the Winn Demand Center distributes the opportunities through a closed-loop feedback system. Winn clients have the ability to review opportunities and provide electronic feedback on lead viability, potential to close, lead value, etc.

The deliverables achieved through Winn’s end-to-end global demand creation solutions include:

  • Qualified leads and appointments;
  • Account-based business intelligence (BI) and enhanced data;
  • Measurable improvement in telesales and Channel ROI;
  • Increased registration and event attendance;
  • Increased business intelligence delivered to client CRM/SFA/MA tools.

Winn hires, trains, and retains staff with experience in the technology space. Winn’s personnel have an average duration of 4.5 years with our company, providing our clients with solid experience across the information technology industry and refined marketing skills enabling effective communication with IT and LOB Management at Enterprise, Mid-market, and SMB organizations.


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