Event Lead qualificationOur event lead qualification services ensure that your company will have the needed support after a successful marketing event. We provide:

  • Lead Qualification
  • Customized Lead Distribution and Tracking
  • Satisfaction Studies

Utilizing Winn's event lead qualification services after an marekting events allows you to focus your sales organization’s time by ensuring only the most qualified sales opportunities make it out of the marketing funnel. Event leads can be qualified through BANT criteria or using a more sophisticated lead scoring system, all based on your needs and approach.

The Winn Demand Center Automation Tool can be used to capture all relevant registration and follow up activity, and distribute the leads to the appropriate staff or partner for follow-up.

If your company would like to continue improving the experience of attendees, a post-event satisfaction study could be an ideal solution. Identify what works, what resonates, and what attendees thought about your event before you start planning for the next one.  Or find out why some registrants were no-shows and whether there still remains opportunity to qualify and pass them to sales.


A virtualization leader engaged Winn to qualify 9,380 event leads developed from a multi-city event promotion program.  The client only wished to receive leads that were ready to purchase within 6 months (actionable leads).  All other leads (non-actionable) were retained by Winn for lead nurturing. 

During the initial event lead qualification stage, Winn identified 470 actionable leads that indicated they were ready to purchase within 6 months.  Those qualified leads were delivered to the client on a daily basis.  The 470 A and B leads represent a 5% conversion rate.

A total of 716 prospects were included in the lead nurturing phase.  Of those prospects, 70 were converted to actionable lead status within a 4-month time period.  The 70 leads that migrated to actionable status represent a 10% conversion rate.