There’s not much value in planning an event where no one shows up!  How can you ensure that all of your marketing event efforts and budget are being put to the best use?

Let Winn’s decades of experience help you to reach your audience acquisition and attendance goals. We have built a strong understanding of what it takes to get the right people in front of your presenters and increase the likelihood that they’ll be there to listen.

Audience AcquisitionOur audience acquisition and registration approach starts with building the right target database, if you need one. Winn can also help by providing creative services for your invitations and promotional materials.

Our long history of success is a result of integrating multi-faceted touches that may include outbound calling, email, direct mail, inbound marketing and social media to drive prospects to learn about your event.

Through messaging and value statements, prospect contact and presentations, collection of key business intelligence, and distribution of marketing literature, your efforts and expenditure for every event will be maximized. Confirmation calling and emails will also help to ensure that your registrants are still planning to attend. Winn can also provide landing/registration web page development, or help with hosting your online events.

Many clients choose to utilize our audience acquisition services in conjunction with a demand generation campaign or a lead nurturing program to maximize campaign effectiveness and return on investment.


A major US software company engaged Winn Technology Group, Inc. to assist in promoting its world-renowned user conference and largest annual event.  Our client’s event marketing team had been using a single vendor to promote the conference for several years and decided to put marketing best practices to work by benchmarking the vendor against Winn Technology Group. Winn Technology Group’s primary goal was to generate as many registrations as possible in a two-month timeframe to create a standard by which both vendors could be measured. 

The client’s customer base consisted of multiple (sometimes competing) groups, each requiring a unique message.  Winn Technology Group developed a custom call guide and messaging for each group.  There were four different data sources, and the size of the database totaled in the six-figure range; even a 1% duplication rate could result in thousands of wasted phone calls and squandered marketing dollars. Winn Technology Group source tracked the lists, allowing for accurate reporting, and ran the lists through its de-duplication software prior to making the first dial. 

This benchmarking program was viewed as a success based upon the client’s internal gap analysis, which showed that Winn generated a 33% higher registration rate than the competing vendor.  A new standard was set for productivity in the promotion of the user conference and potential sales opportunities were developed for the sales team.