socialondemand social media channel marketing

Whether your organization reaches your prospect base and clients through direct sales, resellers, dealers, brokers, distributors or franchises, having a complex network of intermediary sales partners often makes it challenging to achieve consistency in your messaging, and get your social voice heard.

Partnered with a solution that Gartner has recently recognized as a "Cool Vendor," Winn Technology Group has developed an exciting new service to help firms amplify their social media content through your sales teams and external partners to reach and influence more customers with Managed socialondemand™.

Your prospects are increasingly making decisions based on social media influences. And if it’s not you doing the influencing, one of your competitors is!  We’ve developed a methodology around a proven social media platform that can help you control, manage and measure social media messaging. More than just giving you a great way to get your message out, we can use this to deliver cold, hard, qualified leads -- and give you a way to help measure the ROI of your social media efforts!

In addition to this outstanding software, Winn offers managed services to help you with:

  • Recruitment, ramp-up and training of partners to get them established in the system
  • Management, maintenance, and support of the users
  • Research, identification, and editing relevant content for review and approval
  • Editing and formatting content for different social media channels
  • Posting content weekly (maximum 3 to 5 posts per week in English only)
  • Detailed online reporting including partner participation feedback