Channel marketing, Channel managementTechnology companies that rely heavily on channel marketing for revenues are faced with many challenges in identifying, qualifying, and potentially, on-boarding new B2B channel partners and resellers.

Building a successful channel marketing stream is an ongoing effort consistently providing the sales and marketing enablement tools that can help ensure the best chance of sales success. Ongoing channel education programs on solutions, services, products, and consistent messaging are critical factors to building a successful partner relationship.

Since 1990, Winn has demonstrated extensive experience supporting VAR and Channel marketing initiatives, including:

  • Partner recruitment and development;
  • Structured or customized demand creation campaigns;
  • socialondemand – social media content distribution; 
  • Cooperative lead management programs; and 
  • Partner lead nurturing and cultivation.

Winn is a Preferred Vendor for over a dozen of the most respected names in the technology industry that rely on the channel.

Winn Technology Group’s integrated, comprehensive Demand Center approach and automation platform provide the basis for developing and delivering highly successful Channel marketing campaigns, regionally and globally.

The Demand Center is designed to maximize campaigns with features such as one-time campaign set-up, 24/7 online reporting, real-time feedback, and the ability to adjust campaigns based on performance.  The regional expertise of each Partner ensures global campaigns are effectively localized to deliver the best results.

Through the Demand Center, Winn gathers critical business intelligence and centralizes control of communications and lead distribution.  We provide detailed database analysis to Channel Managers and the closed-loop management of lead opportunities for individual Channel Partners.

Winn designs and executes partner campaigns involving:

  • Outbound services (account-based marketing, lead generation, lead nurturing, and audience acquisition);
  • Inbound marketing services;
  • Marketing automation; and
  • SEO and PPC services.


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