Winn Technology Group’s integrated approach to B2B marketing and demand creation provides the basis for developing and delivering highly successful campaigns, gathering critical business intelligence, and centralizing control. While incorporating industry best practices and methodologies, Winn’s flexibility can easily accommodate any organization's demand creation needs.

More than 23 years of providing B2B, Multi-channel, global marketing services for the technology industry has provided Winn with a solid understanding of the critical components to making demand creation marketing campaigns a success:

  • demand creation,
  • teleprospecting,
  • account-based marketing,
  • audience acquisition,
  • digital marketing,
  • and most importantly the Live Touch. 

Integrating these capabilities into our client campaigns has provided outstanding results, ultimately driving sales opportunities and increasing market share for our clients.

By focusing on a B2B marketing framework of consistent, yet flexible demand creation campaigns, Winn incorporates best and innovative practices to help ensure successful programs and relationship development. After all, maximizing the ROMI is the key driver, and Winn’s approach has been proven in the industry.



B2B Marketing, Multi-Channel Global Marketing services, Demand CreationWhy does Teleprospecting play such a critical role in the life cycle of a sale?  Surfacing key business intelligence, further qualifying a prospect as well as building relationships and trust are just a few key examples of the value of this marketing tool. Teleprospect-ing is found in several key areas of SiriusDecisions “Rearchitected Demand Waterfall.”

Winn leverages Teleprospecting throughout many key marketing applications including:  lead qualification, account-based marketing, appointment setting, lead generation, lead nurturing, and audience acquisition.

The live touch enables marketers to gain real-time business intelligence that confirms where the prospect is in the sales cycle and better aligns future messaging and outreach strategies with potential buyers. Through Teleprospecting organizations can develop an understanding of the prospect’s interests, needs, and business pains. 

Winn integrates Teleprospecting in its multi-channel marketing strategies for:

  • Time-sensitive qualification of automation-qualified leads (AQL’s);
  • Identification and validation of  decision-makers and influencers of the buying process;
  • Qualification and registration of target contacts for events (major-user conferences, road shows, webinars);
  • Further qualification and re-scoring of leads based on business intelligence collected;
  • Confirmation of where prospects are in the buying cycle.


The Teleprospecting organization engages the most prospective buyers in actual conversations, making it a critical cog in the demand creation wheel that connects marketing programs to sales pipeline.


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