Demand Center AutomationIn 2010 Winn began the development of a proprietary web-based platform, the Winn Demand Center, to optimize the management and reporting for marketing campaigns for its technology clients.  The Winn Demand Center is a single, shared global platform for campaign execution covering outbound, inbound, and e-marketing services that is utilized for both direct and channel sales. 

Global Marketing Portal

The Winn Demand Center provides 24/7 online access to client campaigns with dashboard reporting and analysis.  Clients may view and download lead lists, lead profiles, database dispositions, and call analysis.  Clients have access to all deliverables (leads, registrations, etc.) and can filter by name, date range, score, functional area, status disposition, and data segment. 

Access to the portal is password protected and based on the hierarchy determined by the client with roll-up reports that show global, regional, country, state, and/or individual campaigns. 

The Winn Demand Center platform automates:

  • Lead scoring and lead nurturing rules and calendar touches
  • Call intervals based on status disposition
  • Call back dates/times for high-priority contacts
  • Email communications, tracking opens/clicks
  • Content, management, messaging and reporting by data segment and key variables
  • Audit trail history for prospect behavior, both live and digital
  • Call guide development and matrix-based messaging

Conducting your campaign in the Winn Demand Center means:

  • Faster, simpler campaign setup
  • Client-based customized rules for campaign execution
  • Ability to make campaign adjustments in real-time
  • Real-time 24/7 reporting
  • Ability to download campaign reports to PDF or Excel formats
  • Ability to monitor and track several different campaign methodologies at the same time