Since 1990 Winn Technology Group has been a leading provider of integrated marketing services for companies developing technology solutions to improve healthcare.

Winn’s experience includes both large and small companies with solutions ranging from electronic medical records software to grid computing hardware for intensive data manipulation in the pharmaceutical industry. We have conducted hundreds of campaigns to:

  • Generate qualified leads and appointments,
  • Nurture, cultivate, and qualify actionable leads,
  • Create custom databases,
  • Collect and analyze valuable business intelligence,
  • Build brand awareness and name recognition.

Winn has conducted campaigns on behalf of its clients to hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies promoting solutions in many healthcare fields such as:

  • Home Healthcare
  • Cardiology
  • Urology
  • Radiology
  • Pediatrics
  • Bioinformatics
  • E-prescriptions
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Clinical Trials

Providing marketing services for the healthcare sector requires a partner who understands the ever-changing dynamics of the industry. The boiler-plate approach used by many marketing companies is not likely to be successful in promoting gamma cameras or discussing the benefits of computational simulation techniques in biological systems.

Inbound Marketing for Healthcare Technology

  • Inbound Marketing Assessment
  • Web site competitive analysis
  • Inbound marketing plan (12 month)
  • Inbound platform training and on-boarding
  • Managed services to support and drive inbound marketing plan

Outbound Marketing for Healthcare Technology

  • Campaign consultation, design and execution     
  • Data analytics for optimizing your target audience
  • Data Sourcing for healthcare provider target universe
  • Outbound Account Based Demand Generation 
  • Teleprospecting
  • Email marketing campaign workflows
  • Integration with existing event marketing programs

Winn is seasoned in marketing healthcare technology products and services.  Overall, Winn’s Relationship Managers have been employed at Winn for at least 4.5 years and their average age is 40.

We know marketing...We focus on technology...And we are experienced in marketing healthcare technology.