Financial OTPPaper processing, in all its forms — purchase orders to invoices, then invoices to payments for instance —  has become increasingly complicated in today’s electronic world. Not only is paper processing costly and inefficient, fraud continues to rise substantially. It is not surprising that many organizations turn to companies that offer electronic payment solutions. That is where we come in.

Winn has a breadth of experience working in the payments processing space. We have worked with clients who transform manual data entry into an effortless electronic payment solution and are well-versed in communication with AR and AP. The best part, we understand the security requirements within the financial sector and have been vetted through some of the biggest leaders within that industry. The following areas of expertise are a few examples of our experience:

  • Early Payment Term Discounting
  • Electronic Payments – on-boarding, registration, set up
  • Inbound Support / Inbound Response
  • EDI On-boarding and Support

Many clients choose to utilize our enrollment services in conjunction with inbound support to maximize campaign effectiveness and return on investment.