How Does Winn Measure Success?

Winn's primary measurement of success is a client's renewal of our services. This decision is driven by their overall satisfaction with campaign results. Winn's client history is a great indication of this success:  hundreds of initial pilot programs have led to multi-year engagements with major clients that have continued to work with us over several year periods.  Examples include Gartner, Oracle, JPMorganChase, Palm, SAP, Adobe, Siemens, Sage, Deloitte Consulting, HP, and countless others.

Our philosophy is centered on continual process improvement — measure, analyze, and refine. We want to succeed, so that you can succeed. That’s why our teams, our technology and our processes are structured to find a better way to accomplish our clients’ goals. We’re always looking for what works, where there’s traction and response, and how we can improve those metrics.

What Success Metrics Does Winn Utilize?

Pre-Campaign:   Before a campaign even begins, Winn will evaluate and consider a number of pre-campaign historical performance metrics.

  • Winn's historical campaign data from "like campaigns"
  • Industry related metrics (when available)
  • Client historical benchmark data (when available)

During a Campaign: There are a host of factors that are continually evaluated, analyzed, and most importantly, acted on throughout the execution of any campaign.  Winn integrates this philosophy into our everyday operating practices, in order to ensure that our clients receive the most optimized approach, and in turn, the best results.

  • Data quality metrics
    • Tracking and measurement of invalidity rates
    • Comparative analysis when multiple data sources are utilized
    • Email coverage
  • Ongoing productivity metrics for live touch activity
    • Lead rates (including overall lead rates and lead type distribution)
    • Call attempt rates
    • Presentation rates
    • Objection rates (tracking and comparative analysis by multiple variables such as data source, Demand Generation Specialist, etc.)
    • Inbound Response activity
  • Productivity metrics for email marketing activity
    • Click Rates (content matter)
    • Open Rates (subject matter)
    • Hard Bounce Rates (data quality)
    • Inbound Response
  • Productivity metrics for social media activity
    • Source tracking of click activity resulting from Social Media campaign augmentation
    • Inbound Response
    • Website hits and page views, request, downloads, etc. (digital behavior)

What Tools Are Used to Measure Success?

  • Winn's Demand Center Automation Platform provides real time dashboard reporting for key Business Intelligence, program performance, and success metrics
  • Winn's Data Analytics Team is dedicated to monitoring key campaign data metrics impacting a campaign
  • Winn's Program Management Team is dedicated to monitoring overall campaign progress and performance
  • Winn's Data Center Management Team is focused on on-going audio and visual monitoring of Demand Generation Specialists (DGS) and detailed monitoring reports are completed regularly and reviewed with each DGS.

How Does Winn Leverage Key Metrics to Optimize Campaign Results?

Data / list source quality

  • Stratification of individual database based upon identified areas of traction 
  • Stratification of data source based upon analysis of preliminary results (given multiple data sources)

Campaign goal (Lead  / Appointment / Registration) Rate Activity

  • Re-alignment of campaign focus based upon data analytics
  • Re-alignment of messaging based upon message testing results
  • Re-enforcement of training based upon monitoring and individual metrics comparison to team
  • Re-alignment of demand generation tactic(s) (live touch, email, social media) based upon campaign success metrics