ExperienceSince 1990 Winn has provided integrated marketing solutions exclusively for the technology community — for industry leaders, channel partners, and cutting-edge young companies.

Winn provides its clients with ongoing consultative services and gives its clients the market intelligence and guidance developed over our more than 23 years of experience in the technology industry.   

Winn’s “time-tested” solutions and best practices have been cultivated and refined with one goal in mind — to help you acquire new customers and generate revenue.

Vertical Markets

While Winn has conducted marketing campaigns in virtually every conceivable industry, here's a brief description of some of the verticals targeted by a majority of our clients.


From K-12 schools and school districts and public and private colleges and universities nationally, Winn has built an education database that our clients regularly utilize to promote their products or services applicable to the education vertical. The types of campaigns include lead generation, event promotion, and market research focusing on tele-communication services and hardware and software solutions.

Financial Services

Winn has conducted numerous campaigns for clients targeting the financial services/banking vertical. These campaigns have focused on regulatory issues facing companies (Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the Patriot Act) as well as core banking systems, Check 21 solutions, web-based document imaging solutions, and enterprise payment processing solutions, as well as many other offerings. Our clients' focus ranges from small to mid-sized banks and credit unions to large international financial institutions concerned about anti-money laundering solutions and SWIFT transactions.


Winn lead generation and market research services target federal, state, and local government entities. On the Federal level we have conducted campaigns focusing on various federal departments or agencies such as the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and NIH. On the state and local level target contacts include IT professionals, first-responders, and state and local police.


Medical products and services demand customized marketing solutions. Winn has provided many technology companies with marketing services for products and services related to cardiology, health information systems, electronic health records, radiology, nuclear medicine, bioinformatics, urology, medical imaging, RFID inventory tracking and monitoring, etc. Target organizations include hospitals, clinics, and physician's offices.

Human Resources

From Sage Software to Hewitt Associates, Winn has a long history working with clients whose product or service focuses on HR solutions and the primary contact is the VP or Director of Human Resource Management.  Products and solutions promoted include benefits management, payroll, employee recruitment, and employee background checks.

Technology Markets (Industry Focus)

Winn's 22 year technology focus, along with the longevity of our clients and employees, provides a foundation of both depth and breadth of experience across all areas of technology.  Our Senior Management team has worked in the technology marketing field since 1979.

Experience in Technology Markets

Our experience in technology spans legacy systems to the perpetual evolution of emerging technologies.  Winn works with global technology industry leaders, including Adobe, Oracle, IBM, HP, SAP, Cisco, Microsoft, Gartner, Unisys, Sage, EMC, VMware, Siemens, and CA.

Winn is also a preferred vendor for both direct and channel partner marketing for many market leaders, including major distributors such as Arrow Electronics. Below is a sample of the hundreds of technology firms we have supported in key market segments over the years.

Enterprise, Mid Market, Small Business

Enterprise: More than $1 Billion in annual revenue

Throughout our 22 year history, Winn Technology Group has targeted the Enterprise on behalf of hundreds of leading technology firms. Winn has generated demand for both legacy and emerging technologies including ERP, SCM, CRM, BI, telecommunications, cybersecurity, networking, virtualization, storage, and cloud computing. Our experience covers both depth and breadth at the Enterprise creating demand at all levels — from C-level (i.e., CIO, CTO, CSO, CFO, COO, CMO) to mid-level management (i.e., VP, Director, Manager of IT and line of business) to strategic contacts at the Enterprise (i.e., network analyst, enterprise architect, security analyst).

Winn maintains a North American and European Enterprise database as an asset for our clients to assist with targeting both the domestic and international markets.

Mid-Market: $250 Million to $1 Billion in annual revenue

The growth of the Mid-Market and related IT investment activity in this sector drew many of our clients and, subsequently, our services into this space. Today many of Winn's clients who traditionally targeted the Enterprise have expanded and/or re-focused into the Mid-Market. Many emerging technologies have also targeted the Mid-Market to capitalize on the opportunities within this space. As a result, for the past decade, Winn has been actively providing integrated marketing solutions targeting the Mid-Market. Winn maintains a North American and European Mid-Market database as an asset for our clients to assist with targeting both the domestic and international markets.

Small Business: $20 Million to $250 Million in annual revenue

The Small Business has been the target of many of our technology clients. Winn provides demand generation solutions for a variety of technology firms targeting mission critical and strategic applications for the small business from accounting software, HR, ERP, to mobile computing solutions. Winn is a preferred vendor for the channel partners of many leading technology firms. As a result, many of the marketing campaigns conducted on behalf of channel partners focus on the Small Business.