If you are responsible for managing global demand generation initiatives, you need a vendor that can deliver qualified, sales-ready leads from Australia to Zaire and everywhere in between. 

Winn’s Demand Center automation platform is the engine that drives the Global Demand Center (GDC), delivering qualified leads around the globe.  The GDC partners conduct their campaigns in the Demand Center platform with dedicated servers hosted in each partner’s geographic region. 

Utilizing our core platform for campaign set-up, activation, execution and reporting, your campaigns will benefit from:

Speed + Simplicity

  • A single, centralized platform for campaign execution and reporting.
  • Easy, fast activation with one-time campaign set-up within the platform.
  • Quicker, more consistent campaign execution and fast-to-market.

Transparency + Flexibility

  • On-the-fly reporting available 24/7 at the level required (detailed performance measurement to consolidated summary reporting).
  • One definitive view of campaign performance through our single reporting portal.
  • Ability to adjust campaign messaging, offer or audience based on real-time feedback.

Global Reach + Local Understanding

  • Global coverage across the North America, APAC, EMEA and Latin America.
  • Knowledgeable, locally-engaged agencies for successful, consistent regional roll-out.
  • Increased campaign adoption through effective localization.

Maximized ROI + Minimized Intervention

  • One-time campaign set-up followed by simple activation with minor changes.
  • Improved ROI with reduced duplication of set-up, reporting and project management overheads.
  • Minimal intervention required by campaign manager following set-up.

Marketing Support + Technology Expertise

  • Proven experience in technology marketing held by all Global Demand Center partners.
  • Industry understanding combined with marketing proficiency.
  • A comprehensive range of technology-focused marketing support services to enhance campaign performance.

Comprised of four skilled agencies — representing the North American, EMEA, APAC and Latin American regions — the Global Demand Center partners combine extensive local knowledge with a proven track record of success in technology marketing, transforming big ideas into winning campaigns worldwide.


Global Demand Center Competitive Advantages

  • Over 60 years combined experience in conducting world-wide campaigns in multiple languages.
  • Experience and focus on technology and in-depth knowledge of technology solutions.
  • Centralized campaign management and reporting via Winn’s Demand Center automation tool.
  • Centralized US interface for global campaigns.
  • Unique capabilities of each partner complement each other and bring exceptional depth and breadth to the demand center concept.
  • Local knowledge and expertise, global presence.


Discover a smarter, simpler, faster approach to campaign execution and reporting with the Global Demand Center.