Who we are . . . .

Winn Technology Group is a leading provider of global integrated marketing solutions. Working exclusively with the technology industry since 1990, Winn has partnered with hundreds of leading firms to develop and execute successful B2B marketing campaigns, conducting thousands of initiatives to —

  • Deliver qualified leads and appointments,
  • Identify, nurture, and qualify actionable sales opportunities,
  • Build and support channel marketing programs,
  • Recruit attendees for live and online marketing events,
  • Develop, cleanse and verify marketing databases,
  • Support inbound marketing initiatives, and
  • Collect and analyze valuable business intelligence.

What we do . . . .

Our teams communicate daily with IT, line of business, and executive level contacts responsible for making and influencing technology purchasing decisions. We accomplish this through multi-touch, integrated marketing campaigns that leverage outbound calling, inbound marketing, marketing automation, and social media — with buyers that could be your customers.

Winn's services include: